List of unused Evolutions
Name Sprite Type Method of Evolution
Gelanla UnusedGelanla Grass Get Tangela to Level 44
Numpuff UnusedNumpuff Water Get Babul to Level 18
Ecksing UnusedEcksing Poison/Flying Get Golbat to Level 44
Animon UnusedAnimon Normal Use Metal Coat on Ditto
Politoed UnusedPolitoed Water Use a Heart Stone on Poliwhirl
Slowking UnusedSlowking Water/Psychic Use a Kings Rock on Slowbro
Espeon UnusedEspeon Psychic Use a Heart Stone on Eevee
Umbreon UnusedUmbreon Poison Use a Poison Stone on Eevee
Hitmontop UnusedHitmontop Fighting Get Gohng to Level 15
Bellossom UnusedBellossom Grass/Poison Use a Poison Stone on Gloom
Belmitt UnusedBelmitt Grass/Poison Use a Poison Stone on Weepinbell
Madame UnusedMadame Normal/Flying Get Farfetch'd to Level 24
Happi UnusedHappi Normal Get Chansey to Level 45
Scizors UnusedScizors Bug/Flying Get Scizor to Level 41
Plux UnusedPlux Bug Get Pinsir to Level 42
Porygon2 UnusedPorygon2 Normal Use Up-Grade on Porygon
Likk Likk Normal Get Lickitung to Level 32
Steelix UnusedSteelix Steel/Ground Get Onix to Level 38
Kingdra UnusedKingdra Water/Dragon Use Dragon Scale on Seadra
Leafeo UnusedLeafeo Grass Use Leaf Stone on Eevee

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the concept of trading with items not existing at the time, most evolutions require the item being used on them, similar to how Evolutionary Stones are used.
  • So far, Numpuff, Animon, Belmitt, Madame, & Plux are the only evolutions that haven't been renewed.
    • However, Plux may have possibly been renewed as Mega Pinsir, Pinsir's Mega Evolution form.