List of unused Baby Pokémon
Name Sprite Type Evolution
Trifox UnusedTrifox Fire Evolves into Vulpix at Level 13
Tangel UnusedTangel Grass Evolves into Tangela at Level 22
Pichu UnusedPichu Electric Evolves into Pikachu at Level 12
Cleffa UnusedCleffa Normal Evolves into Clefairy at Level 12
Igglybuff UnusedIgglybuff Normal Evolves into Jigglypuff at Level 12
Golppy UnusedGolppy Water Evolves into Goldeen at Level 16
Para UnusedPara Bug Evolves into Paras at Level 12
Chiks UnusedChiks Normal/Flying Evolves into Doduo at Level 16
Meowsy UnusedMeowsy Normal Evolves into Meowth at Level 14
Minicorn UnusedMinicorn Normal Evolves into Ponyta at Level 20
Grimey UnusedGrimey Poison Evolves into Grimer at Level 19
Gohng UnusedGohng Fighting Evolves into Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan or Hitmontop at Level 15
Puddi UnusedPuddi Fire Evolves into Growlithe at Level 13
Ballerine UnusedBallerine Normal Evolves into Mr. Mime at Level 15
Lipp UnusedLipp Ice Evolves into Jynx at Level 15
Elebabee UnusedElebabee Electric Evolves into Electabuzz at Level 15
Magby UnusedMagby Fire Evolves into Magby at Level 15

Trivia Edit

  • 8 out of the 17 unused Baby Pokémon have been reworked or redesigned.
  • Ballerine is the only Baby Pokémon to be reworked that did not debut in Generation II.
  • Due to the concept of Friendship not existing at the time, all Baby Pokémon evolve via leveling.