Honoguma was the Fire type beta starter Pokémon in Pokémon Gold and Silver. It is a small mouse-like Pokémon and, contrary to popular belief, it's actually a bear, as its name literally means "Blaze-Bear" in Japanese.


Honoguma is a red creature with spiky hair on its back. It stands on its feet, has clawless paws and feet and the original art might suggest its belly has a lighter color. It has spiky ears and it seems to lack a tail, however some speculate it may have had a tail like Cyndaquil's.

It is based on a bear, however by Pokémon standards, it looks like it was based on a rodent. Its face features normal round eyes, possibly completely black, a small nose and a small mouth.

Honoguma by PavameAgarestia

Honoguma speculation by pavameagarestia

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